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Our Purpose

Women in Technology (WiT), India Forum focuses on increasing women's participation in STEM. It purports to fulfill a gap in gender diversity in STEM leadership roles by engaging, enabling and employing women across various life stages from a girl child to a seasoned professional.

Why WiT ?

Bio-Technology, Medical sciences, Big Data, Cloud Computing, Analytics are emerging forces and advancing at a fast pace. With women making up only 34% of this workforce in India at an entry-level there are about 18% women in managerial positions and less than 1% are in the C-Suite in India. Our focus is to provide women resources to upskill, progress and be able to find the right opportunities in STEM.

What We Do ?

We work with the ecosystem that includes education institutes, colleges, organizations, government to help aspiring STEM girls or STEM professionals to find their preferences in STEM careers. This is achieved through engagement and enablement programs. We work with educational institutes & organizations to build awareness among girls, provide mentoring to upcoming talent, training and employment opportunities to professionals.

Our Approach

WiT provides a collaborative platform across companies and individuals Networking, connecting educational institutes and industry. It fosters peer network of women through tech-focused communities, Enhances networks through Bootcamps & Hackathons and seminars in partnership with organizations
WiT in partnership with learning & assessment organizations supports assessments of skills , provides upskilling and learning solutions that help women grow and develop their potential. Ongoing mentoring is provided through WiT Select.
WiT has onboarded the top 100 STEM organizations for leadership and works with them closely for staffing right skilled women talent too. This has been enabled through a job board which has prescreening and training built in to aid accurate decision making. Further WiT holds career fairs across cities to raise awareness and engagement on this agenda. These fairs are well attended by candidates and companies leading to effective staffing decisions on the spot.

Did You Know