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Security Architect II - AKAMAI Technologies

  • Company
    [email protected]
  • Location
  • Posted On
    22 May 2020
  • Job Type
    Full Time
  • Functional Area
  • Industry
    IT-Software / Software Services
  • Education
  • Applied Now
    1 Applicants
  • Experience
    3-6 Years

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Closed for application

Job Description

About the job

About the Job

You would be responsible for rapid response, cyber-attack detection, mitigation and security consultation. Ideal candidates will have mastery of a wide technology skill set including web application security, networking fundamentals, security tools and techniques, Linux/Unix experience and scripting languages. The role has a heavy customer communications component where we act as customer’s advocate and their advisors during business critical situations. Specialist also acts as support pillar to his team, helping them and the business with their commitments.This is an excellent position for somebody interested in exercising their experience in web application & network security operations. This Specialist will demonstrate an aptitude to operate all security related products, execute their skills in Security consultation, mitigation and network troubleshooting. The role will reside in an environment that is fast paced, with constant involvement in critical attack fighting.


About the team

The Akamai Security Operations Command Centre works with real-life web and infrastructure based attacks on a daily basis. The team is responsible for Akamai’s Managed security customers and ensure that  our customers are protected against the largest of attacks. The team works on both Akamai and PLX security product line and offer security at Layer 2,3,4 and 7.If you are a security enthusiast and love mitigating security flaws with applications, if you want to be part of mitigation process for the largest DDOS attacks in the world, if you are eager to be part of a real-life battle with ‘unknown actors’ trying to bring down our customers and ensure we defeat them – this is the right position you should be at Akamai Global Security Service is the centre which is responsible for Security Services on an Enterprise level. Each shift is a team-oriented cross-functional unit, it’s responsible for the detection and mitigation of Cyber-attacks, customer communications, and resolution of platform integration issues. Regular training, knowledge sharing, and continuous improvement are important elements of the SOC. We protect our customers against the growing threat of cyber-attacks and cyber terrorism. Akamai’s SOC contains the brightest individuals in the Security industry and the top DDoS mitigators in the world.


  • Be a security consultant to the customer, suggesting or implementing best possible tactical and strategic solutions.
  • Perform analysis for the OWASP Top 10 attacks to protect our customer network
  • Perform telemetry analysis to identify new DDoS/Cyber-attacks or platform issues
  • Perform deep packet analysis to identify DDoS/Cyber-attack vector and apply mitigation strategy.
  • Identify attacker’s possible strategy and device solutions to mitigate that, using Akamai cloud security solutions.
  • Identify network connectivity and routing issues and escalate to respective teams
  • Support customer communications to coordinate security posture and DDoS attack response
  • Troubleshoot platform and customer integration issues
  • Audit ongoing attack mitigation policies to identify need to change tactical response

Required Qualifications

  • Strong experience in Web Application Security domain
  • Experience working on either OWASP Top 10 attacks OR Web Application Firewall(WAF)
  • Understanding of vulnerabilities and mitigation their strategies
  • Excellent customer communication and consultation skills


  • Strong experience in Network Security domain
  • Good understanding of networking technologies like TCP/IP, DNS, HTTP/HTTPS
  • Good understanding of Firewalls, VPN, Proxy, SSL technologies
  • Excellent customer communication and consultation skills
  • Strong will to add value to the customers, team and the business